Hey All! So sorry my posts have been few and far between. When I started this blog, I had much better intentions. I promise this offseason I am going to really dive in and give this whole blog thing my full effort. I guess it goes to show that life really does get busy and when I do have some downtime when the girls nap, I have at least 3 loads of laundry to put in, fold, and put away [Does anyone else’s laundry grow by the second?!]... But hey, hindsight is always 20/20 right? I promise to be better when life slows down a little. However, we are fully enjoying this ride and cherishing every single second. 

As far as what has been going on in the Rudolph world...the Vikings made the playoffs! WOOOOOHOOOO! The Vikings got the ‘BYE’ for the first round and had to play the New Orleans Saints at home this past Sunday. I’m sure everyone who has a TV or access to the internet knows that the Vikings won on an insane play in the last 10 seconds of the game. That game was such an emotional rollercoaster. The Vikings came out so strong the first half...we all thought the game was in the bag. However, anyone who watches football or any sport for that matter knows...nothing is guaranteed or in the bag until the final whistle and the clock reads 0:00. 

Still absolutely cannot believe this moment. 

Still absolutely cannot believe this moment. 

The second half, we were up & we were down. But the guys never gave up. I thought for sure when we got the ball back after New Orleans kicked a field goal to go ahead...that we would get as close as we could and kick a field goal to win. But, something way more awesome happened. Case had the ball and threw it to Diggs. Diggs not only caught the ball, but he then turned and ran it into the end zone. US Bank Stadium absolutely erupted. I have never seen or heard anything like my entire life. I was jumping, screaming, high fiving, and crying. I could not even believe my eyes and what I just saw.  

Looking out on the field, the entire team had run to meet Diggs in the end zone to celebrate and to find their family and friends in the stands. To look down on the field and see Kyle so happy, so proud, so emotional, It’s something I will never forget. I am so beyond proud of him and the entire Minnesota Vikings team.  

I am so excited that we are still playing football and that the season continues on. The Vikings are headed to play the Eagles for the NFC Championship. I can't wait to be at the game and cheering my heart out for my husband and his team. Let's go Vikings! BRING IT HOME!!!

As far as Fin and Andi...What's new with the girls!? They have moved right on from walking to running. They open doors [there is no more keeping them in one room]. They are busy as ever. They love swim lessons and Little Gym. They love to do somersaults, play with each other, and talk. I, of course, think they are talking so well, but other people have no clue what they are saying. MOM LIFE. They love football & their daddy. They love going to the games to cheer on dad and dance to the music. They are getting so big and learning & trying new things every single day. Life is extremely busy with them right now...but I am loving this new stage and the little people they are growing into. 


Skol! jordan

Proud Wife Moment(s)

Hi Everyone! Happy Holidays!!! I hope everyone is getting through the hustle and bustle of the holiday season & trying to enjoy every moment. I have had my fair share of, “UGHHH, Why on earth did I wait until the last minute” moments this week already.  But, still really enjoying this crazy time of year and the joy it brings. Speaking of joy, the past two weeks in the Rudolph household have been nothing but crazy and go, go, go. However, I can’t describe these last couple of weeks without joy and pride. 

Any of you women out there with a husband, boyfriend, significant other, whomever that special person may know that feeling when they just completely blow you away. That is what Kyle has done these last two weeks. In the game against Carolina, Kyle was injured. With it being an away game, I was unsure the severity of it until I could talk to Kyle after the game. All you athlete wives out there know this is the worst feeling in the world, to sit and wait to hear your husbands voice after the game. It feels like an eternity. Well, we found out Kyle suffered a high ankle sprain. [beyond thankful it wasn’t more severe] However, this can take weeks to heal and come back from. We weren’t sure he would be able to play the following week or not. I have never seen Kyle put in so much work to get himself back out on the field. If he was not sleeping he was getting treatment. We spent the evenings as a family at the docs office so he could get treatment, but still spend time with his girls. He was so determined to play. He was determined to prove to himself, his team, his coaches & his peers that he could overcome his injury and not let them down. know what, he played last Sunday against the Cincinnati Bengals (his hometown team) and he scored a touchdown. The amount of pride I have to be his wife, biggest fan, and cheerleader is insurmountable. That was an extremely proud day to see my husband out on the football field and come out injury free && NFC NORTH CHAMPS!

This past week, we had the pleasure of hosting our favorite event for Masonic Children’s Hospital, Rudy’s Redeye Express to the North Pole. We take 30 patients and their families on flights to the North Pole. Last year, was our first year hosting the event and to hear the kids say “this is the best night of my life”, “I can’t believe we are at the North Pole”, to see the smiles on their faces, to hear the laughter, to see the expressions of pure joy on the families what the holiday season is all about. This year, we hosted the same event again. The families board private jets, and the jet drives around the airport to a hangar, and the hangar is completely decked out as the North Pole. Complete with reindeer, Santa, Mrs. Claus, elves, elf houses, cookie making, food, ornament making, letters to Santa, & a dance floor. It’s a night of pure magic. And magic it is. It’s a night I look forward to all year long. I love hosting the event with Kyle and standing by his side. It is so special for us to have Fin and Andi there with us and know the meaning and feeling of giving back. It is something that will be ingrained in them for their entire lives.  

Special, thank you to the photographers who took these photos for us to capture the magical night! UofM Masonic Photographers and Minnesota Vikings photographers, you guys are exceptional.
— Kyle and Jordan Rudolph

Tuesday, was also a big day for the Rudolph family. Our space at Masonic Children’s Hospital had the official ribbon cutting. Kyle Rudolph’s End Zone is now open for patients and families to enjoy at the hospital. This is a dream come true for us. Two years ago, Kyle and I had the idea to open a space at the hospital that all patients could enjoy, that they could come out of their hospital rooms and just be kids. A space where kids & teens could escape the realities of their illness and just be kids and have fun. Masonic has a wonderful, state of the art playground and basketball court outside for the kids to enjoy. However, in Minnesota, it is quite cold in the winter and there was no space at the hospital for the kids to go. With the help of many donors and local sponsors [we truly can’t thank you enough for seeing our vision and believing in our dream], we created the End Zone full of things the kids requested to help make their stay at the hospital a little more comfortable. The Kyle Rudolph’s End Zone is equipped with a basketball court, a sports simulator, athlete lockers, sensory activities, a kitchen, a reading nook, a lounge, and a tv hub. We hope this space is a space for patients, siblings, families, and friends to join and interact and get out of their room. We hope this is a space that will bring happiness, joy, laughter, and fun. We hope the End Zone is a place that everyone loves and enjoys for years to come! 


The past two weeks there have been so many proud moments. There has been so many times I have looked at my husband and just beamed. Kyle, the heart that you have and your willingness to give is contagious. I am so beyond lucky to share life with you. So, this post is dedicated to you. Not only the Vikings Man of the Year, but the Man of the Century. Thank you for making this world a better place. Finley, Andersyn, and I love you.



xo, jordan


My favorite time of year

Hi Everyone!! Happy Holidays!!! It's my absolute favorite time of year. Anyone else love all the holiday gatherings? The holiday decor? The lights? The hustle and bustle? The time spent with family and friends? Or is that just me?! December has always been a favorite month of mine. Yes, it's my birthday month, but also the most joyous time of year. [in my opinion] The entire month of November, I've been waiting for December, and it's FINALLY here. November was not my month this year and I am very happy to move forward and have a fresh start come December!

I love putting up all the Christmas decorations around the house & turning on our outdoor lights the day after Thanksgiving. It has been something Kyle and I started doing the year I moved up to Minnesota and it just stuck. I also love Christmas shopping. I love to give gifts, so I always put entirely too much thought into gift buying and gift giving. I overthink it, I second guess myself. But in the end, I love seeing the joy it brings someone else. I shop for family, friends, secret Santa gift exchanges, and the University of Masonic Children's Hospital. There is nothing I love more, than surprising the kids at the hospital with a little holiday cheer and seeing their faces light up. 


One thing that has been so fun this year is shopping for Andi and Fin. Last year, was their first Christmas. But, being only 3 months old, they couldn't do much and obviously had no idea what was happening. This year they get excited about things. They like to unwrap. They like to play. And I am so beyond excited to put them in their Christmas jammies on Christmas Eve and for those two to wake up Christmas morning to gifts under the tree. We decided we are doing one main gift for the two of them and then a couple little things. I so look forward to the years to come when we can do Elf on a Shelf, set cookies and milk out for Santa, leave the reindeer food, and many more traditions that I look forward to starting with our family. Don't get me wrong...I would love these two to stay little forever. They are at such a fun and sweet age right now, I constantly wish I could just freeze them.

Now, I want to hear from all of you...What are some of your favorite holiday traditions? What do you look most forward to? What is your favorite part of the entire holiday season?

Wishing all of you the happiest of holidays and a very happy New Year!

xo, jordan



Registry Must Haves

I have been asked countless times what my favorite registry items are, what we can't live without, what to splurge on, and what to I decided to dedicate a blog post to baby registries!

Some of my absolute, favorite things that I cannot live without:

  1. Nook Niche Nursing Pillow - Even used with the twins and it worked perfectly. Definitely do not need anything bigger than this. Also, works great for tummy time and helping baby sit up.
  2. Fisher Price Rock N Play - This is what we used as bassinets for the first 3 months. I loved how it kept the girls a little upright. Helps with any reflux or colic.
  3. Skip Hop Activity Gym - Great for tummy time and sensory for baby.
  4. Como Tomo Bottles -  The absolute best bottles we have found!
  5. Wubbanubs - These pacifiers saved our lives. Andi still loves hers.
  6. Aden & Anais Silky Soft Swaddles - our favorite swaddles and blankets for baby. We had a ton of these
  7. LIttle Giraffe blanket - Soft, warm, comfy blankets for baby. And super cute too.
  8. Kickee Pants - pajamas for baby
  9. Kindred Bravely - Such a comfortable, tshirt nursing bras
  10.  Boppy Lounger Pillow - I've heard wonderful things about the Dockatot as well, but did not use it.
  11. Keekaroo Peanut Changer - Silicone changing pad. No need for the cover or adding more to your laundry! Just wipe clean with baby wipe or any baby safe product.
  12. Sound Machine - An every night MUST. Helps baby sleep through other noises so your house doesn't have to be silent.
  13. Nook Pebble Pure Mattress - Can't say enough good things about Nook and all their products. We love that what the girls sleep on is completely safe and natural! Nothing harmful or artificial in these mattresses.
  14. 4Moms Bath Spout Cover - Take the guessing out of bath time. Tells you the temperature of the water and if it is a safe temperature! Also, protects them from hitting their heads or mouths on the spout.
  15. Boon Soak Bath Tub - Loved this tub before the girls could sit up in the bath together. Small and supportive.
  16. LOTS of hooded bath towels - The girls peed on theirs ALL THE TIME.
  17. Travel bags for carseat and stroller - Great for travel and helps keep your carseat and stroller clean through airports.
  18. Fisher Price Swing - Girls loved all the options with these swings. Plenty of options to swing all different ways.
  19. Nuna Sena Pack n Play - SO USER FRIENDLY! Safe and breathable.
  20. Bottle brush
  22. Lillebaby baby carrier - Comfortable. Fits everyone!
  23. Skip Hop Stroller Organizer - Love for my phone, keys, wallet, drink, snacks...
  24. Oxo Tot Sprout High Chair - Can use with one hand, wipes clean, everything velcros out to be cleaned easily.
  25. Belly BanditFor after baby! Helps support back and get that tummy back in place.
  26. Blanqi leggings - the best leggings with support while pregnant
  27. Diaper Bag (must have a backpack style for travel) - I LOVE my FAWN design bag!
  28. Copper Pearl 5-in-1 cover - Best nursing cover/carseat cover of all time.
  29. Lansinoh nursing pads - for all those leaky moments.
  30. NailFrida, NoseFrida & Windi - Best nail clippers (IMPOSSIBLE TO CUT BABY!), snot sucker, and the Windi helps relieve gas. Not the pretty sides of motherhood, but necessities.
  31. Gripe WaterDoes baby get the hiccups every time after eating? gassy? colic? reflux? THIS IS YOUR ANSWER!
  32. Finally, MORE diapers and wipes than you ever thought humanly possible! I use wipes for EVERYTHING!!! We use the Honest Company & absolutely love their bundle option!

If there are any other questions I am so happy to answer them! These are just some of my must haves!! Good luck to all you momma to be's! Motherhood is the most amazing, crazy, rewarding adventure of all time. 

xo, jordan




We traveled across the pond


Heyyy! So, I am just going to jump right in here...probably 6 months ago, or so, Kyle and I decided that I would travel with the girls to London for their International game. Six months ago, this idea seemed perfect, completely logical, and sounded great. Hind sight is always 20/20. In reality, the week before our trip, I could hardly sleep. I had so much anxiety. Did I have everything packed? What would they do on the plane? Would they adjust to the major time change? Do I have all their snacks & favorite things? Where was our hotel in relation to everything we wanted to do? Would my mom handle the trip okay? Mind going 100mph constantly. To say I was nervous/anxious/excited/terrified for this trip, was a complete understatement.

When the day came that we were leaving for our trip, my mom and I got the car all packed up and headed to the airport. We got there 2 hours early, leaving us extra time just incase there were any hiccups. And boy, were there hiccups. We got on the plane ready to fly to NY for our layover. Before we even left MSP we sat on the runway for 2 1/2 hours. Yes, 2 1/2 hours with two one year olds. They were irritable, tired, hungry, sick of sitting, wanted to play and make noise mad. And I? I was stressed, irritated, frustrated, and wanted off the plane...STAT. All flights were grounded in NYC because of weather so we went back to the gate, got off the plane and went and waited in line to speak with a Delta agent to get our flights switched. In reality, I really was tempted to just cancel the entire trip after that little preview. But, I didn't. We went home after 6 hours at the airport and got to restart the entire travel day, the next day.

Let's try this again...pack up the car, head to the airport, park the car, lug everything into the airport, check bags, security, wait at the gate, board the plane, TAKE OFF! We were on our way. Completely hiccup and meltdown free! We landed in Atlanta for our layover. We had enough time to sit down and get a good dinner, let the girls play for a little bit, and regroup before getting on the next flight to London. We were boarding the plane at 7pm and flying through the night. I thought this was brilliant and would be easy breezy. I thought the girls would surely sleep through the night, as they do every night, then wake up in London. Perfect. No, not perfect. There were tears and lots of them. There was a 2 hour melt down from my sweet, Finley. She wanted no part in falling asleep on the plane. Therefore, this momma didn't sleep. I think she slept a total of 2 hours on the 8 hour flight. So, the redeye with babies...BAD IDEA. Lesson learned.

Once we got to London, we let the girls nap and then hit the ground running every single day. The girls sleep schedules were funky and a little off but all in all, once we were there they did AWESOME. We shopped, went sight seeing, walked a lot, went to parks and pubs, got to spend some time with Kyle, and of course went to the game! The Vikings won and all in all it was a great 4 days over in London. Definitely ambitious. But we survived. 


For our flight home, we traveled during the day and it was SO. MUCH. BETTER. Having toys, lots of snacks, bottles, and was good. We made it home on our 9 hour flight. Andi & Fin both had like a 20 min melt down on the flight, i'll take that compared to the flight there. They did well, they adjusted to being home like we never left. 

We survived our trip across the pond. It wasn't always pretty, but we did it. I definitely had some not so great mom moments. But, I think that happens to the best of us. We made it through and for that, I am so proud.

Outside of Kensington Palace

Outside of Kensington Palace

Flight Must haves: water, milk, crackers, food pouches, things that make noise, favorite blanket, paci, book, and if you have a video screen in front of you VICTORY!

xoxo jordan